Discover the power of reading for your next school fundraiser

Read for My School empowers your PTA, PTO or school with tools and services to promote a fundraiser that aligns to our core values - improving childhood literacy skills and giving back to schools.

Start a fundraiser for your school

Set up your FREE fundraiser account and create a custom read-athon to raise money for your school!

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Please have your fundraiser invite code when registering to your school reading challenge.

easy school fundraising
Full Time
A school fundraiser that is more than a donation page

Gamify your read-athon and promote a fun and engaging school fundraiser that rewards family participation

Students unlock hidden reading and fundraising achievement badges based on custom goals you set up for your read-athon and share them with friends and family to raise money for your school!

Part Time
Let's design a school fundraiser that works for you!

Our reading and fundraising support team is here every step of the way to make sure your read-athon fundraiser is right for your school needs.

Custom support services to promote your read-athon

Administrator toolkit with tips and downloable resources

In-app chat and email directly with our support team of fundraising experts!

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easy school fundraising

Easy school fundraising in 4 simple steps!

Create your free fundraiser account and promote a read-athon that can earn your school up to 100% profits.

Ready to get started?

Please have your private fundraiser invite code ready when registering to your school read-athon

Set up your FREE fundraiser account on Read for My School and design a custom read-athon that works with your school and can be managed with one volunteer resource - YOU! Learn more

Use your administrator dashboard to build your campaign, set up reading teams, goals, as well as a leaderboards to drive hallway chatter and excitement for your fundraiser. Learn more

Connect your Stripe account to manage pledge donations while having direct access to your fundraising profits from donors. No need to wait to the end to receive your check! Learn more

Launch your fundraiser with a custom digital parent letter highlighting your community message as well as providing instructions to families on how to join in on the FUN. Learn more

Why choose RFMS for your next school fundraiser?

Here are just a few benefits of promoting your custom read-athon on Read for My School.

It's easy to use

Creating a fundraiser on Read for My School is simple to set up and can be customized to fit your school needs. Get started

It's your fundraising story

We provide you with all of the platform tools and support services to build a custom read-athon that works for you and your donors. Learn more

It's profitable!!!

With our flexible pricing options and digital support services, we lower our costs and pass higher profits back to your school!

Got questions? We can help!

Whether you are looking for step-by-step instructions, tips, or downloadable resources, your administrator toolkit provides you with all you need to promote a successful fundraiser on Read for My School.

We provide a solution that aligns with your fundraising needs

Need help deciding which pricing model works for you? Talk to our support team and we can help answer your questions and pick a plan that works for you.

Donation Tips Pricing

A donation tips-based pricing model where your donors "chip in" to cover your platform and support costs for your fundraiser.

School receives



Service Fee Pricing

A flat-fee pricing model that covers your platform and support costs to promote a successful fundraiser for your school!

School receives 



Why get less and pay more for your read-athon?

See why Read for My School offers the most features as well as higher profits for your school fundraiser.
  • Your school earns between 85 - 100% profits     
  • Direct access to fundraising profits from your connected Stripe account - NO NEED TO WAIT FOR YOUR CHECK!
  • The only literacy-based fundraiser that supports web and mobile devices through Apple and Google Play app stores. 
  • NEW: Create teams and invite your volunteers (teachers; parents) to become team leaders and manage student progress.
  • Custom reading and fundraising goals (overall; team; individual) and leaderboards to drive excitement and fair competitive reading challenge
  • Parents with multiple kids can create and manage all reader profiles under one (1) email account directly in the app!
  • Custom digital marketing materials; parent letter; QR code; administrator toolkit; downloadable resources.
  • Students unlock hidden reading and fundraising achievement badges on goals you set up!
  • Personal bookshelf; book scanner; and book wish list.
  • Grade level and themed recommended book lists to guide your families to the right books to read together!
  • Custom reporting across teams to work online and offline.
  • Your school earn 75 - 80% profits  
  • Wait until end of fundraiser to receive a check in the mail to collect profits 
  • web only
  • overall goals only
  • one reader per email account
  • Print materials
  • No badges
  • No personal bookshelf

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